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Some of Tom Kent's fondest memories were in the 1970s.  Afro’s, platfrom shoes, wide bottom pants, low cut silk shirts and a hairy chest with gold chains, and the cars! Tom owned a red 1976 Bricklin. If you can’t quite place the vehicle, it looked a lot like the DeLorean that became famous in the Back to the Future movies. A Bricklin was made out of unbreakable plastic and had what must have been 300 pound doors. No worries. The car salesman assured Tom there would be no problems because of a button that when pressed would open them for me via hydraulics.  Note to self. Make sure buttons like these work. Tom's didn’t and he was back to the dealership so they could let him out of his own car. So much for the 70s. Ha!

Truely, it was a great time and the music takes us back in a snap. That’s what My 70′s Show celebrates. Think about it. The 70′s gave us some of the best pop music ever recorded. Artists like Elton John, Carly Simon, and Fleetwood Mac.  It’s all here on My 70′s Show, every year from 1970 to 1979. We’ll also catch up with some of the artists that made the decade great and share stories about what we liked most about the 70s.

This is YOUR 70s show. Feel free to pass along what you think at tk@tomkentradio.com 

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