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Lovin' Life, Livin' the 80's" is a show that celebrates music of the great decade of the 1980s. It's all here...the Pop, the Rock, and the Soul from the beginning in 1980 all the way through 1989. I'm so passionate about this decade that I've put together a show that will bring you to a place in time that I know will put a smile on your face. 

When Tom Kent thinks of the 80's, Ronald Reagan comes to mind, the end of the cold war, Back to the Future, the beginning of Tom's family. Nothing is ever perfect but in Tom's mind, the 80's were just about as perfect as it gets. Every song takes you back to that place and time. The artists of the 80's are iconic and distinctive and they're all played here. Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, Queen, Eagles, Hall and Oates, John Mellencamp, Police, Journey, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Heart, and so many more. 

Tom Kent's 80's pledge and mission statement for "Lovin' Life, Livin' the 80's". I promise to play the songs that you want to hear and present them in a fun way that will entertain you. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do bringing it to you. As with all my shows, I always welcome and appreciate your feedback.

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